My Photos From Traveling Around Thailand

 Hey guys!
A couple of weeks ago I was looking back through lots of my old photos and found a bunch from when I went traveling, so I thought I would share them with you guys! About 3 years ago, Jim and I decided we wanted to explore the world, so we headed to our local STA Travel and booked flights to Bangkok, Thailand. I was so nervous as I hadn’t traveled much before and we were going to be doing everything on a real budget i.e. sleeper trains, hostels etc. I had heard Bangkok was intense, but nothing could have prepared me for what it was really like! We arrived at Khao San Road (where we were staying) at about 11pm and I felt so disorientated after a 13 hour flight and an hour taxi journey (where I thought I was going to die – taxi drivers in Bangkok drive like maniacs!) It was so busy and hot as we made our way down Khao San Road with big heavy rucksacks on our back looking for a place to stay. I remember feeling a bit anxious, but really excited to embark on our month long journey around Thailand. Turns out it was a life-changing, incredible experience…so here are some of my favourite photos. Sorry some of them aren’t the best, I didn’t take a very good camera with me!
Waking up in Bangkok, Khao San Road was like a different place first thing in the morning! So quiet! I know I look like such a geek with my stereotypical travelers outfit on!
Inside a shop on Khao San Road
If you go to Bangkok you must visit the temples, with all the gold everywhere they didn’t seem real…
We spent 3 days in Bangkok, I wouldn’t recommend any more than that as a tourist as it is very intense and I think 3 days is enough time to cover the main attractions like the temples, MBK mall, the floating market, Khao San Road. One tip I would give is don’t stay on Khao San Road like we did as it is SO loud at nighttime and also a nightmare to get back to where you are staying at night as the road gets totally packed with tourists, street food stands and people trying to sell you stuff. When we stayed in Bangkok a couple of weeks later we stayed round the corner on Rambuttri Road, which was great. After our 3 days in Bangkok we’d planned to go to Koh Samui (one of Thailand’s beautiful islands). We ended up getting trapped there as Koh Samui was experiencing it’s worst floods in 10 years. It was quite scary, we were staying in little huts just off the beach and the floods were so bad water was all over the floor in our hut and we had no electric to charge our phones and let our families know that we were safe. Eventually, after about 3 days which felt like forever, we managed to get a flight out and flew back to Bangkok. Here is me looking very happy to be safe back in Bangkok drinking coconut water!
Since the floods were so bad at the islands, we decided to explore Northern Thailand. We got a 16hr sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai – I have to say, I wouldn’t recommend this. It was dirty and uncomfortable with cockroaches everywhere haha, a flight would be much quicker and not much more expensive. Here’s a pic of Jim and I on the sleeper train wrapped up in my traveler’s bedsheet thing trying to keep the cockroaches away from us!
As the sun came up we arrived in Chiang Mai, I opened the curtains and the view was breathtaking, I could see a jungle and bright blue sunny skies! We were so excited. Here are some of my favourite photos from Chiang Mai…
Making friends with an elephant
On an Thai cooking course
At a butterfly garden
Night markets
Please excuse my totally unflattering outfit, but here I am on a raft!
We loved Chiang Mai so much, it was so beautiful, the people were so friendly and there was so much to see and do. If you go to Thailand, you have to make the trip up North! Next we headed back down South to the islands as we had heard the weather was a bit better. We arrived at Koh Phi Phi after a lot of traveling and sadly it was still raining hard! We were determined to go out and have fun though…
The next morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine, we couldn’t believe it! We explored the surrounding islands by boat and went to Maya Bay (where I think a James Bond film was shot!)
Koh Phi Phi was so amazing and beautiful. Next we headed across to Koh Phangan. This is where the famous Full Moon Parties are held, we went but I didn’t rate it. I’m not a massive party animal and I found all the crowds of people drinking lots a bit overwhelming, I don’t have any pics of this either as I don’t think I took my camera! Here is a cute photo of a Gecko outside my room though 🙂
Now, I can’t remember the exact order of which islands we went to next, so here are my last few photos in no particular order of where I went…
Here is me feeling very poorly (I got tonsillitis) waiting for a bus, I was obviously left to guard everyone’s rucksacks! haha
Me and Jim on the beach at night in Koh Samui (we traveled back here at the end of our trip so we could experience the island without the floods!)
Finally, a breathtakingly beautiful sunset in Krabi
I hope you guys have enjoyed looking at some of my favourite photos from my trip to Thailand. We had an amazing time and I would recommend Thailand to everyone, especially if you are backpacking as I think backpacking is definitely the best way to truly experience this place. After a month in Thailand, we flew to Sydney and lived with my cousin for 6 weeks. Let me know if you’d like to see a Sydney blog post! Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, don’t forget there are new videos up on both my main channel and my vlog channel! I put up my bedtime routine video including my skincare routine and also a day in the life style vlog of me working and hanging out with friends in London 🙂
Let me know in the comments if you have ever been backpacking and where you went, or if this post has inspired you to go!
Love Tanya xxx