Valentines Day

I had to attend shows and events for London Fashion Week on Valentines Day so Jim and I celebrated our 8th Valentines Day together on Saturday night instead. Usually we stay in and order pizza, but since we were in London we decided to go to one of our favourite steak restaurants, STK. I asked Jim his opinion on STK so I could tell you guys and he said “really tasty…didn’t like the cocktails though!” – haha. As you’ll see in the photo below, Jim tried my espresso martini and hated it! On a serious note though, the food is scrumptious. We both had steaks, then we shared glazed parsnips and carrots, lobster mac n cheese and finally, parmesan and truffle oil chips. Everything was amazing. Oooh and my starter was the best: tuna sashimi with lime, my favourite! We asked the waiter to take a photo of us, it came out rather blurry, but it’s all I’ve got so thought I’d put it in anyway! Instead of having pudding at STK, we went back to the flat and chilled out on the sofa together with The Vampire Diaries and Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes. Perfect Valentines date!
Sending out a huge hug and kiss to all of you guys!