Arriving In Cannes

Jim and I have escaped away to the South of France for a couple of days of fun in the sun! We arrived at our hotel in Cannes on Monday and ran straight out to the balcony to check out our view. We’ve got a pretty great one!
I didn’t gaze out at the sea for long before having to jump straight in it!
We had a gorgeous lunch at Plage 45 (a pretty little restaurant, right by the sea). We shared the burrata and then both had a plate of the “big prawns”, which were very tasty!
I know some people hate feet photos, but little makes me happier than being barefoot on the sand 🙂
After a couple of hours, we came inside to de-sand ourselves and freshen up for dinner. I decided to wear no makeup to dinner as that’s what holidays are for right? Here’s what I wore…
Incase you guys didn’t know, July 14th is French National Day, known as Bastille Day. The French celebrate with parties all over France, but Cannes is really the best place to be for Bastille Day, as they have a HUGE firework display. We had dinner in the front garden of our hotel at Le Park 45 restaurant with the idea that we would be in the best place for the fireworks at 10pm.
Here’s my gorgeous dinner date, Jim.
Dinner was errrrrrrmmmm, interesting to say the least! We didn’t realise before we sat down, but it was actually a rather posh restaurant. One of those places that put weird foam on EVERYTHING! I admit that I am no food connoisseur, however I appreciate good food, whether it’s fish and chips from my local or amazing sushi at a great Japanese restaurant. This place was just too fancy and fussy for me! However the staff were really lovely so we still had a great time. Jim and I found it quite funny daring each other to try each dish first, as half the time we weren’t sure what it was we were eating! Jim went first with the canapé…I would tell you what it was, but I have no idea!!
I just asked him to give me a quote about them and he said “foamy….and weird”
My face says it all!!!
My Pina Colada on the other hand, was the best I have ever tasted! That means a lot coming from me, Pina Coladas are my official holiday cocktail and I love them.
The starter was beautifully presented, but again, the taste was a bit strange!
Luckily my main course was delicious. Four tasty little red mullets with olive gnocchi. Jim’s was yummy too, but you’ll have to head over to his blog to see what he had 😉
At 10pm we suddenly realised the best view for the fireworks was probably from our hotel room balcony! We asked the waitress if it would be possible to bring our dessert up to the room and she kindly said yes. We hurried up to our room as the music for the fireworks began to start! A lady does a speech at the beginning for a couple of minutes, so we didn’t miss a single firework. It was so cool looking out to sea and seeing all the yachts that had come in to watch the show. (The yachts are all the pretty lights in the middle of the sea!)
I wrapped up in my favourite Disney blanket and watched the most incredible firework display I’ve ever seen.
It was a magical end to a brilliant first day in Cannes.
What I wore:
Prada Sunglasses
Topshop Gold Bangle
Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this post and if you’d like me to blog about my second day in Cannes too! Sorry I haven’t got a new video up since being here, the wifi is very slow. The second I get home tomorrow I will upload my Summer Haul video 🙂
I hope you’re all having a lovely day!