Sunshine, Beach Time & Coconuts, Cannes

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that Jim and I escaped to Cannes for 3 days. We just got home last night and I’m missing it already! I wish I could go in a magic time machine and have the whole trip all over again! Who wants to come with me?!
I got so many lovely comments from you guys on my previous post and lots of you asked to see more from our trip, so here is what we got up to on day 2!
We started our day by eating breakfast on the balcony. I loved that we didn’t rush down to the hotel breakfast buffet, instead we took our time to gaze out to sea and chat to eachother as we relaxed back into our chairs and nibbled on pastries.
I may have ordered too many eggs! My French is not up to scratch…
I posted an Instagram video of breakfast on the balcony and a few of you said how strange it was that I took my Emma Bridgewater Big Love mug with me to Cannes! Well, the thing is, I often get anxious when I go on holiday and struggle to enjoy myself because I get so worked up with worries. I know, I know, I sound crazy!…Holidays are supposed to be relaxing! I’m just weird. Let me know in the comment section if any of you get the same way too so I don’t feel so crazy! Somebody suggested to me to try taking a couple of home comforts along with me to France. Now, I don’t know if it was taking the familiar things from home that worked, or the other little strategies I was using, but I managed to have an anxiety-free holiday which is a huge deal for me, so I’ve come home feeling very happy indeed. Here’s me looking quite contented with my Big Love mug full of tea!
After breakfast we headed straight down to the beach and spent most of the day soaking up the sun and frolicking in the sea!
We were super lazy and ordered lunch straight to our sun-loungers! It was SO YUMMY. The food at Plage 45 beach is simple, fresh and tasty.
That evening we had plans to go to Baoli for dinner, a famous Balinese themed restaurant. We lucked out and happened to be walking to dinner at sunset, it was pretty…
I would describe Baoli as an “experience restaurant”, it’s more about the setting, design and atmosphere of the place, rather than the quality of food. It was incredibly glamorous even at the entrance…
I ordered a Pina Colada (typical Tan!) and it came in a coconut! So cool!
Once we’d eaten, (I didn’t photograph the food as it got very dark!), we decided to politely decline the dessert menu as Jim had a better idea – to sneak off to the late night ice-cream place near our hotel! I had a scoop of mint choc chip and it was delicious – my all time favourite ice-cream flavour.
What I wore:
Melissa Odabash Bikini Bottoms
Prada Sunglasses
American Apparel Crop Top
Topshop Skirt
Madewell Sandals
I’ve loved reminiscing about our second day in Cannes whilst writing this post! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it and looking at my photos 🙂 Hopefully I haven’t made you crave ice-cream too much! Check back tomorrow for my third and final Cannes blog post.