Tea & Scones at The Ivy Garden

Yesterday afternoon I went with a friend (who was too shy to be on my blog, hence no pictures) to The Ivy Garden in Chelsea for scones, catch ups and lots of tea. The weather was somewhat deceiving – it was beautifully sunny, but not very warm! I had looked out of the window and optimistically thought ‘yay! I don’t need a jacket!’ and then instantly regretted not taking one when I walked out of the door and felt the chill in the air. However, as soon as we walked into the garden, a lovely man (our waiter, not just a random lovely man haha) sat us by the fire and handed us blankets, which we happily snuggled up in whilst sipping our tea and giggling away as my friend filled me in on all her dating gossip!
I’ve been wanting to go to The Ivy Garden ever since it opened a couple of weeks ago as I’d heard great things and it seriously exceeded my expectations. It was just so pretty and had such a relaxing atmosphere with the sound of the water fountain, oh and the scones with jam and cream were AMAZING…which was obviously the most important thing! Here are some photos, I hope I don’t make you guys too hungry 😉
I hope you guys are having a beautiful day!