Snorkelling & Loving The Island Life, Benguerra Island

It’s time for me to tell you guys about the final part of our honeymoon trip. If you missed them, go and read part 1 here and part 2 here, before reading this post!

I ended my last blog post telling you about how we left Kruger National Park on a tiny little aeroplane. Well, we landed about 40 minutes later at Kruger’s main airport and caught a 1 hour flight to Mozambique. From there we hopped on a helicopter (which was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life and actually not at all scary) and finally landed at a hotel called Azura on Benguerra Island. We were greeted by the staff straight from the helicopter and shown through to reception to check in. I felt as if I was in a dream as we filled out their information card and did all the usual check in business…the reception looked straight out onto the pristine, white beach and turquoise blue sea. We had arrived in paradise.


(Sunglasses: Valentino, Top: ASOS, Shorts: Topshop)

We stayed at Azura for 3 nights and spent pretty much the entire time relaxing in our cabana on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear sea.


Jim became obsessed with making friends with the crabs, although they didn’t show much interest in becoming friends with him (they scurried back into their little holes in the sand the minute he tried to talk to them)!

DSC00886 DSC00890

When I took this photo of Jim, he said to me “Oh nooooo! If that photo is for your blog you must explain what I was doing or people will think I’m totally bananas!” haha. He was actually pretending to give one of the overgrown cabanas a haircut. I doubt that makes you think him any less bananas!


One morning we travelled on a little boat into the middle of the ocean and our skipper, Paolo, stopped in a place he said would be amazing for snorkelling. I had never properly snorkelled before (only did it once in Thailand for about 2 minutes until an eel came near me and I screamed and jumped straight back into the boat!) so this was a really special experience. We spent about 45 minutes snorkelling over the beautiful coral reef, watching the brightly coloured fish and looking out for string-rays and turtles. I felt so lucky when we spotted a turtle as I’ve always wanted to swim alongside one in the sea. I wish I’d had an underwater camera!


I quickly became accustomed to the laid back island life. Waking up to the sound of the waves and strolling across the warm sand to breakfast is definitely something I’m missing now that I’m home!


(Swimsuit: Eres)

We ate dinner each night by candlelight in front of our villa with our toes in the sand, which was so peaceful and romantic. Although, I have to say for anyone reading this thinking of staying at Azura, we were disappointed with the food. They didn’t have any fresh fish and most of our meals were of a very low standard, which we weren’t expecting as I’d read lots of great reviews about the food and they claim to serve everything fresh, but everything we received was like a microwave meal (perhaps we just got unlucky with the chef they had whilst we were there). Sorry to have to say something negative, but I just want to be honest! We didn’t let the food ruin our time there, as our villa and the island were so beautiful. Each night before dinner we went for a little walk along the water’s edge and watched the sun set…don’t sunsets and palm trees make any holiday photo look amazing??


(Dress: ASOS)


I can’t believe what a happy, wonderful, mind-blowing, incredible time we had on this trip. It’s one of those things that I’m not sad it’s over, I’m just so happy it happened. Jim and I made the best memories together and experienced things that we will never forget.

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing our travelling tales and seeing some of our photos. I’d love it if you’d let me know in the comments what you’d like to see on my blog next!

Love, Tanya