Jim’s Birthday Celebrations

Jim’s birthday is on December 28th, during those strange days between Christmas and New Year where you eat chocolate coins for breakfast, have no idea of the date or time and mostly just stay in your pyjamas (even if you’re leaving the house). I actually feel very lucky to have Jim’s birthday to celebrate during that time as it’s nice to have something to get excited about instead of having a lull after Christmas, but also it’s a good reason to make myself look presentable for a day! I planned a surprise birthday lunch for Jim and his twin John at one of our favourite Norfolk restaurants, The Hoste Arms, followed by a freezing cold, but absolutely gorgeous beach walk. Then, that evening we went back to Jim’s mum’s house and I presented the boys with the Malteaser cake I’d made with the help of our nieces Lily and Olivia. I love blogging occasions like these as they’re such nice blog posts to look back on as well as special moments to share with you guys. Oh and the sweet little dog that you probably won’t recognise in the photos is Alba, she was staying with our friends Kate and Jeff over Christmas. I hope you guys had the best Christmas and it’s January the first so, Happy New Year!!! (I’ll be typing my new year’s blog post up as soon as I hit the publish button on this one.)

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Love, Tanya