New Year’s Resolutions


2015 was an unforgettable year for me; I had my first book Love, Tanya published and it sold 100,000 copies, spent a week in one of my favourite places in the world – Sydney, moved house, got a puppy, relaunched my makeup line Tanya Burr Cosmetics with a gorgeous new look and lots of new products, got married to the love of my life, went to LA for big scary meetings with casting directors, spoke at the United Nations about The Global Goals and was Glamour Magazine’s December cover girl. I wonder if this year will be as exciting?! I am so ready for 2016 and whatever it has to bring. I know I got really soppy in my Merry Christmas blog post, so I won’t say it all over again, but I just have to say such a huge thank you to you guys for all your support – none of this would happen if it weren’t for you and I appreciate you all so much.

I rang in the new year with Jim and friends in Walberswick. It’s a little village by the sea and one of my happy places. We spent New Year’s Eve on the beach eating fish and chips and then at a friend’s party drinking champagne and slightly questionable cocktails my friend Jake was giving everyone called ‘Dirty Shirley’s’. Jim and I were so tired we made our way back to the tiny little Hobbit House (a tiny one bed cottage we rented) at 12:30am and crashed. Jim got up and went on an 8km beach run, whilst I opted for coffee and bacon sandwiches at the deli (healthy eating starts on Jan 2nd right?!)

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I thought I would share with you guys my New Year’s Resolutions – please let me know yours in the comments!

Keep a book log. I always used to do this when I was younger and it’s a good thing to look back on and remember what you read and how much you enjoyed it.

Take a photography class. I love taking photos and would love to be better at it.

Blog more. I’m really enjoying blogging at the moment and want to blog as much as I can this year.

Work out at least 4 times a week. I started working out 4-5 times a week just before the wedding in September (just for 6 weeks – left it right until the last minute!) and not only did my body change for the better, I also felt amazing and had so much more energy (I never used to believe gym bunnies when they said that, but it’s true!) Our bodies are designed to move a lot more than lots of us allow them to and I really noticed how quickly I went back to feeling mushy and tired a lot in Oct/Nov/Dec as I started slacking in the gym post-wedding. I have been back in the gym a lot this past week and feel motivated and ready for 2016!

Eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not. I am SO bad for this. I don’t want to start some crazy New Year’s diet that won’t last. I’m all about making healthy lifestyle changes and I think this is a really good one. Who else eats that last piece of pizza just because it’s there? Or orders pudding in a restaurant just because it sounds delicious not because you’re actually hungry still?

Think positively and keep an open mind. I’m a pretty positive person anyway, but I think sometimes I let things get me down if they don’t go exactly the way I want them to, so I want to be better at shrugging things off and not worrying.

Stress less. I guess this sort of links to number six. When I get busy with work I can get quite stressy and I think life is just too short. It’s important to get some perspective sometimes.

Take deep breaths. Linking to number six and number seven.

Travel somewhere new. I love seeing the world and places that are on my to see list are New Zealand, South Africa (that one I’ll be ticking off in January), St Tropez, Rome, Fiji and Parrot Cay Island.

Work really hard on projects with The Global Goals team. I can’t wait to meet with them all next week as we are discussing what I can do to get more involved and really help make the goals a reality by 2030. (I’ve made a video about The Global Goals if you want to know more).

I’m sure I could think of loads more resolutions, but the new Sherlock is about to start on BBC One and I’ve been waiting years for this so I have to quickly go and make a cup of tea and then get cosy on the sofa to watch it. Don’t forget to leave your resolutions in the comments guys!

Love, Tanya