Beach Day & Spa Time In The Maldives

Sometimes blogging gives me incredibly exciting opportunities and this was definitely one of them. I have travelled a lot the last six years with my job and I absolutely love sharing my adventures with you guys, so I can’t wait to tell you what I have been up to the last few days! I was invited by Kuoni and Velassaru to go to the Maldives, which has been on my ‘to travel to’ list for such a long time, let’s just say I had to really pinch myself when I arrived on the most beautiful island I’d ever seen.


Kate and I hopped off the boat we’d taken from the airport to the island and were shown to our room by some of the lovely staff at the resort. Apart from our room was not just any room, it was a water villa!


Inside was a huge comfortable bed (pillow menu included – I know, so crazy!) and then next door was the bathroom with a huge tub in the middle. Both the bedroom and the bathroom faced the sea with enormous windows, so as you can imagine the view was amazing. I would describe the style of Velassaru as contemporary and chic. It’s luxury, but without making you feel like you have to be dressed perfectly the entire time – I certainly wasn’t! As you’ll see in my vlog I only wore makeup once and went to dinner in my bright blue flip flops!


Of course Kate and I had to bring our pals with us (you all know Greyson, but meet Kate’s little friend – Labbit!)


We then spent the rest of the day exploring the island, reading and just chilling out.


The next morning we woke up and realised we’d overslept (thanks for that jet-lag!) and so rushed out the door to catch the last ten minutes of breakfast. Stepping out of our room was so surreal, I think I’d forgotten where I was overnight and was so surprised and excited to see the sparkling turquoise water surrounding us. After a quick breakfast we raced back to our room, got our snorkels on and jumped into the sea off the steps right outside our room! We didn’t have a very successful snorkel (you’ll have to watch what I filmed on my underwater camera in my Maldives vlog to see what happened!) so I don’t have any fish photos, however the next day we took lots, so you’ll see those in my next Maldives blog post.


After our unsuccessful, but hilarious snorkelling session, we decided it was time to hit the infinity pool at the beach, but on our way there the heavens opened and we got completely drenched! We took shelter, wrapped up in towels and were reassured by the staff (as they poured us cups of peppermint tea) that the weather can be temperamental in the Maldives, but it never rains for long.

Twenty minutes later the skies were gorgeous and blue again and we headed to the pool for a sunbathe.


Soon enough lunchtime came around and we ordered pizza, freshly baked from the pizza oven next to the pool.


We spent the next few hours strolling along the beach and swimming in the sea. Nothing makes me happier than the perfect beach day. The island was so beautiful it really did take my breath away whenever I stopped and took a second to look around and try and take it all in.


We had massages booked for five o’clock, but headed to the spa a little early to enjoy the hydro-pool and the amazing views from it.


When it was time for our treatments the therapists took us into a gorgeous room smelling of beautiful essential oils and for next hour we had the most unbelievable massages. I’d never had a massage where someone actually got on the bed before, but it must be a clever technique, because everything the therapist did felt amazing!


Sleepy from our massages, we watched the sun set and talked about what a magical day we’d had.


I can’t wait to tell you guys what we got up to the next day and show you more photos in my next blog post…

Love, Tanya