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Sometimes, I think an iPhone is the best way to capture the moment. It’s small, light, slips easily into your back pocket (although mine rarely leaves my hand!) and it’s so quick to just slide your thumb up the screen to open the camera mode and snap, you’ve got your photo in a matter of seconds without having to fiddle around with shutter speed and ISO settings. I debated vlogging Coachella, but in the end opted for ‘Snapchella’ – I loved capturing the moment on my Snapchat (quick plug: my username is ‘tanyaburr’ – add me!) right there as it was happening with no editing.

So although I didn’t take my big fancy camera to the desert (and thank goodness I didn’t as it would have got covered in dust/sand) I want to share with you guys the photos I took on my phone. Lots of these I have posted on my instagram or twitter already, but there’s a few you won’t have seen yet!

I had such a fun weekend at Coachella. The weather was gorgeous, the scenery was breathtaking and the festival had such an electric, fun vibe with amazing artists.

My Coachella highlights were:

Watching Guns N’ Roses and jumping around in the crowd with Jim and some new friends we’d just made.

Meeting Shay in the line for pizza after being ‘internet friends’ on twitter for ages – we felt like we’d already met.

Chilling out by the pool at our hotel, Avalon.

Drinking fresh coconuts.

Seeing the famous Coachella Ferris Wheel.

Bumping into the gorgeous Anna at the Levis party – so much love for her!

Being silly with my friend Poppy.

Meeting Kylie Jenner at the Paper Magazine party.

Hanging out in the daytimes (it’s too hot to go to the festival during the day) at the Vanity Fair Retreat. It was at this beautiful Moroccan themed hotel called Korakias. Most people were just chilling by the pool, but they had little pop ups where you could get your hair and makeup done or get a massage, they also had the best ice-cream shop in LA, Salt & Straw, with a stand and then a few other food and drink stands.

I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend!

Love, Tanya