A quick girls trip to Marbella

The weekend before last, my sister Tash, our friend Kate and I went for a quick girls getaway to Marbella. We were seeking a beach holiday where we could just lay flat for 3 days on comfy sun loungers, soak up some sun and catch up. I don’t get to spend that much time with my sister and we haven’t travelled together since we were 12 and 14, so this was a really special trip for us. We stayed at Puente Romano, which is a large hotel right on the beach. The grounds were beautiful with gorgeous gardens that felt very peaceful to walk around despite the hotel being at 90% capacity when we were there. Although I will say I definitely noticed the amount of people staying at the hotel at breakfast time…the buffet was busy, service wasn’t great and it just lacked that private, personal feeling that I love about boutique hotels. The good thing about Puente Romano being such a big hotel is that it has an enormous array of restaurants including Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai and a gluten free deli, we ate at Umi and it was delicious. It also has huge tennis courts and an incredible Six Senses spa. I always like to give a very honest review on my blog for you guys, so I have to say that in a nutshell, the hotel grounds are beautiful, what it has to offer is great (gorgeous pools, restaurants, spa, tennis), but I felt the rooms weren’t anything special for the price they are and the service was not up to standard considering it’s an expensive five star hotel. At first I thought ‘oh maybe this is what it’s like in a big hotel’ as I often go for boutique, smaller hotels, but then I remembered some huge hotels I have stayed at like the Peninsula in LA or Claridges in London and the service has always been impeccable there. The other thing that I felt disappointed with at Puente Romano was the beach. We expected comfortable sun loungers and a lovely beach bar, but this was not the case. Luckily, just down the beach, we discovered Puente Romano’s sister hotel, Marbella Club Hotel, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It had luxurious big white double sun loungers right on the beach, AMAZING service (I particularly want to thank Stevan for looking after us every day on the beach – he was so charming and even found us a paddle board!) and it was just basically everything we were after on this trip. Anyway, let’s get on with the photos as I know that’s what most of you are here for! I just wanted to give a detailed review first.

This is me when we first arrived on the terrace outside our room wearing my new favourite dress from Elizabeth & James (it’s sold out now, but these off the shoulder style dresses are everywhere at the moment!)


(Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Dress: Elizabeth & James)

We went for a little explore around the hotel and Kate and Tash discovered cool hanging seats, I found a cute healthy juice bar and we all loved how pretty it all looked with little bridges and lush green plants.


This is ‘the square’, which gets very busy in the evenings with everyone having cocktails and the restaurant Umi is just to the right of this. It was lovely when we had dinner there to have a drink in the square first.


This is one of Puente Romano’s 3 pools…


My favourite pool was this one. It was small with about 10 sun loungers next to the pool which were really nice with comfortable cushions on. This is the pool that’s right next to the healthy restaurant Rachel’s (food was great here, very light and tasty). I liked this pool best out of all 3 as it had a much quieter, private vibe. We spent the first day just reading and chatting here…

DSC04581 DSC04579 DSC04578

The next day we walked down to the beach and spotted the cutest little ice-cream bar along the way…


The sea was beautiful, but as I said, we really wanted that luxury vibe that Marbella is famous for, so we walked down the boardwalk in search of Marbella Club Hotel as we had been recommended it by lots of people…


We all literally squealed when we arrived! I feel like I didn’t take enough pictures and I’m not sure if these pictures do it justice, but it was so amazing. Peaceful with a fun vibe at the same time – if that’s even possible?! It was just pure luxury…


We nabbed ourselves a couple of sun loungers (we shared two between three but they were so huge we could have easily all squished onto one!) and asked straight away for a paddle board…the beach boy, Stevan, went on the hunt for one and of course I had to pose with the paddle when it arrived *insert monkey covering his eyes emoji here*…


(Hat: ASOS, Bikini Top: Lisa Marie Fernandez, Bikini Bottoms: Mara Hoffman)

DSC04754 DSC04752

Now, I must admit, we didn’t manage to do much proper paddle boarding, we used it as much more of a rowing boat/float…

DSC04828 DSC04819

Here’s Tash looking very happy with herself for managing to stay on the paddle board and Kate looking equally as happy despite falling in!


We ate lunch in the most breathtaking setting…a beautiful blue and white beach restaurant looking out onto the sea. Our waiters were keen to make it into the blog post…

DSC04709 DSC04711DSC04745

We drank Spanish Rosé

DSC04742 DSC04714

and ate the BEST seafood Paella any of us had ever eaten.


Once our lunch had gone down and we had had a little sunbathe, we took it in turns to have massages on the beach. You know when you have a massage in a spa and they play you sounds of the sea to relax you? We had the ACTUAL waves gently lapping against the sand. It was like a dream.


We spent the afternoon drinking watermelon cocktails on the beach and playing in the sea…


Oh and just as we started to get a little peckish/need another refreshment, Stevan came round to our sun lounger with fresh fruit!


The next day we went back to Marbella Beach Club (since it had become our new favourite place) and enjoyed the beach for a bit before deciding to venture into Marbella Club Hotel as someone on the beach said the pool was amazing and we should go and check it out.


(Hat: ASOS, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Dress: Mes Demoiselles Paris)

We walked up the steps and found the first pool which was gorgeous with a cute bridge, but we kept on walking up some more stairs, further into the hotel…


Then we found the main pool, which was gorgeous! It seems I have a thing for posing with water-based accessories…


(Swimsuit: Eres)


Tash leapt into the water…


Shortly followed by Kate… (you can’t take these two anywhere!)


We had such a relaxing and fun day all together…

DSC05353 DSC05351 DSC05339

As the sun started to set and it was almost time for us to leave we went for a little walk around the grounds of Marbella Club Hotel and came across the most gorgeous flowers…

DSC05334 DSC05309

(Hat: ASOS, Top: Brandy Melville, Trousers: Seafolly, Sunglasses: Miu Miu)

DSC05305 DSC05301

We then headed back to our hotel, grabbed our suitcases and headed to the airport! It was such a magical three days and I would 100% go back to Marbella. We did go into the old town one evening and it was really pretty and nice to walk around before dinner, but I didn’t take my big camera so I don’t have any photos for my blog of it – although I took some iPhone ones which you can see on my instagram!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my holiday photos, tweet me your favourite pic from this blog post!

Love, Tan