Let’s Not Be Shy About It

WhatsApp-Image-20160722This blog is a paid for advertorial

Whenever I vlog in my bathroom or shower, I get comments in the video saying ‘oh she forgot to hide the femfresh’ or ‘spot the femfresh’, and I feel like it really shouldn’t be something people feel the need to hide or be shy about because taking care of your skin, and I mean ALL of your skin, is just so important.

So when femfresh asked me to do a blogpost about their product I felt like it was something I was excited to talk about on my blog as I think we should all come together and be more open about talking about this kind of thing, as it’s such an essential part of my and millions of others daily routine. 

I wonder why we all find it so embarrassing to talk about our intimate areas, so many people worry about going for smear tests for example and keep putting them off, which is so bad considering it could be life saving. I know that I was so nervous before my first one and I didn’t know what to expect and this was because nobody really talks about it. Whereas if I discussed it with my friends, I know I would have felt so much more at ease, because really there was nothing to worry about.

We’d never be embarrassed to talk to our friends about our new favourite face wash to keep our skin clean and pores looking amazing so why is it such a taboo to see femfresh in someones bathroom. It’s funny how our most intimate skin gets neglected the most, it’s just skin! 

femfresh is about everyday care for intimate skin. It is not for when you have a problem or an issue. It is specially formulated to carefully cleanse and care for the very sensitive skin on your intimate area. It is unique skin, with a unique pH from the rest of your body and therefore requires a unique care regime. It is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested.

I have used this product for as long as I can remember and encourage you guys to do the same! I hope after reading this post, those of you who felt shy about the topic no longer do. If you bring it up with your friends, I’m sure they’ll all have lots to say and interested in talking about it.