Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks

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And now for another very, very exciting addition to the range – lipsticks! It’s been so hard to keep these a secret from you guys, and I’ve worn them a couple of times forgetting they weren’t out yet (it’s been so hard to resist!) and had lots of questions about what I have been wearing on my lips, and now I can tell you they are Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipsticks! I am so pleased with the range of colours, it was so fun developing the shades and I feel the colours really represent my personal style and make-up choices. There’s something for everyone, with every day natural nudes, to bright pinks and a classic red.

From left to right in this picture: Big Kiss, Pink Cocoa, Central Park, Wild Safari, Happily Ever After, Birthday Cake

They have a cream formulation, which is very classic – it’s not matte, glossy or shiny it’s highly pigmented colour with a finish that will never go out of fashion. I really can’t wait to see you guys wearing them and to see what you think and I’m really sure you’ll find something that suits you, even if you never really wear lipstick.



If lipsticks and Glow Your Own Way were not enough, then I’ve also added a new palette to the Tanya Burr Cosmetics range! The Midnight Smoulder palette perfect for a navy smokey eye. I really enjoyed creating something different and a bit more unique, the colours work really well together and make for a really beautiful, deep eye.

From left to right the shades are: Star Gazing, Endless Sky, Midnight Navy, Into The Night

You can find all the new products available in store and online at Superdrug and online at Feel Unique.

Love, Tanya

Photos by Amber Rose