A Weekend In Berlin

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Last weekend Jim and I had a very last minute work trip to Berlin come up, which was so exciting because 1 – we had never been to Berlin before and 2 – we only had to work for a few hours so had quite a bit of time to explore Berlin and have fun. The city was so different from any other city I’ve been to before, this could sound pretentious, but it had a very cool energy. It’s covered in graffiti any where you look, full of well dressed people, cool cafes, and photo booths on street corners. We stayed at an amazing apartment in Soho House (you can see a tour on my vlog here), it’s such a beautiful hotel and I just feel so comfortable at any Soho House around the world. We visited the Berlin wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust memorial, which were just such incredible sites to see considering the history behind them. For food we had a cool breakfast at Daluma where I had the best chai latte of my life, and we also ate at Cecconi’s which is attached to the hotel as we couldn’t get a booking anywhere else! If you are thinking of going my tip would be to plan ahead and book the restaurants if you want to go to the popular ones – we couldn’t as it was so last minute. It’s a great city to explore by foot, we walked a lot and every street has something new to see, I feel that walking really helps you get to know a city too. I would totally recommend weekend in Berlin, we had loads of fun.

Do you guys have any city breaks planned soon?

Love, Tanya x