Tanya Burr Cosmetics Christmas 2016

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Some of you may have already spied my Christmas collection online and in Superdrug stores but I wanted to wait until my other collection had launched before I started getting festive! Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback on the new additions to Tanya Burr Cosmetics range, I am thrilled you guys are loving them 🙂

Now back to Christmas! I am so excited to finally talk about these products with you and show you these pictures so that you can really see the range in all it’s sparkling, snowy beauty. These products are all limited edition for Christmas, so they won’t be around for long although I wish they were because I am so attached to each product. I also love the packaging – particularly with the calendar, can you spy me, Jim and Martha in the windows?

They are available online at Feel Unique and in store at Superdrug right now.

Love, Tanya x