Things I’ve learnt Since Having My Puppy Martha

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I was clearing up my desktop on my laptop the other day and came across a folder called ‘Puppy’. I double clicked and found some cute photos of Martha and I that Jim had taken during her first week with us. I thought you guys would like to see the photos and also read a little bit about what it’s like having a dog.

Jim and I decided to get Martha because we’d been living in a rented property for a while where we weren’t allowed a pet and we finally had our own place and got her only a few weeks after we moved in, because we couldn’t wait any longer. In fact, it was the day after my hen do on a really hot summers day! From the minute Martha came through our door, it was like we’d started a family. I know some people think it’s crazy how people refer to their pets as their children (“listen to Dad, he’s telling you to roll over!”) but that really is how it feels! We love her more every day.

We’ve had Martha for just over a year and it has taken that long to fully train her and feel completely settled with her. In the first few months, I remember crying on the phone to my Dad with frustration after I’d found another wee on the cream carpet in our bedroom after I’d just taken her outside. He explained to me (after having dogs his whole life) that it really does take a year for things to get easier and at the time that was really hard to hear as clearing up accidents and constantly taking away things from her that she tried to chew to bits was incredibly tedious. However, Dad was right and pretty much since her first birthday we haven’t found any accidents around the house, chewed up shoes or had her misbehaving in restaurants. Martha is a massive sun lover and will go to any length to find a streak of sunshine around the house. One time we found her laying on a shelf, because it was the only place in the kitchen where there was a tiny bit of sun, so of course she had to go there! She is so funny and cute, it’s one of my favourite memories of her.

Don’t get me wrong, the love you get in return is so worth it, but I just want people to understand the responsibilities that come with getting dog and how much time it takes up. Obviously every dog is different, some are much easier to train than others, but no matter what dog you get, you have to be prepared to dedicate a big part of your life to them. The other thing that I’ve learnt that is so important is making sure you have pet insurance. Poor little Martha has been to the vets several times as she happens to be a pup with a sensitive tummy. Petplan Pet Insurance is a great place to go if you need to insure your pet.

I hope you like these pictures of Martha as a 9 week old puppy. Please tweet me photos if you’ve recently got a puppy – I’d love to see!

Love, Tanya x

*This blogpost contains a paid for advertorial from Petplan