New Year In The Maldives

As you guys will probably remember, I was invited to go and stay at Velassaru in the Maldives to create content for my blog and YouTube channel towards the beginning of last year. Well, they invited me back for New Year, which was just the most exciting news ever and since Jim’s birthday is on December the 28th, I decided to prolong the trip (which was originally just 3 days at Velassaru) and book an extra two days at another island in the Maldives too and take Jim with me. I booked the flights and surprised him for his birthday present. We had the most incredible time ever and have felt thoroughly depressed since arriving back in the UK and being greeted with cold weather and grey skies. This morning when we woke up I told Jim not to open his eyes yet and I proceeded to ask him what he’d like for breakfast…a banana shake and a stack of pancakes? and then asked him weather he fancied snorkelling first or reading his book in the sun. He told me there’s no way he could fall for my trickery as our bedroom was so cold, he definitely knew we were in England. Oh we would give anything to be back in the Maldives!!

Taking Jim to Velassaru was so exciting as I’d obviously been before and couldn’t wait for him to experience sleeping in the water villa, snorkelling with sting rays, sharks and the most beautiful little fish and I just couldn’t wait for him to see the luminous turquoise water that surrounds the island. Jim was absolutely amazed when he arrived and had a brilliant time which made me so happy. I was a little worried about him getting bored as he isn’t great at lying flat on his back with a book for a few days, but there’s so much to do on the island that getting bored was never an issue. You can have spa treatments (the massages at Velassaru are some of the best I’ve had in my whole life), you can kayak around the island, go on private island picnics or snorkelling trips and there’s a gym too if working out is your thing. Also, there are lots of different restaurants on the island, so even if you were staying on the same island for a week, you’d have lots of options to choose from. They’ll even make you a little table just for the two of you in the sand, which I think is very cool.

I think the Maldives is the most photographable place in the world, so I thought I would share with you guys some of our holiday photos. Hope you enjoy!


(Bikini: Fella, Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere)


(Swimsuit: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere)

img_6615 img_6738img_6758 img_6757 img_6755 img_6752 img_6750 img_6747img_6727img_6766img_6726img_3303

(Dress: Etro, Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere)


(Playsuit: Mara Hoffman, Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere)

p1030016p1030021img_6777img_3308 img_3300

(Choker: Chan Luu, T-Shirt: Gucci, Belt: Gucci, Shorts: Topshop, Earrings: Maria Tash, Bracelet: Cartier)


If you ever get the chance to go to the Maldives, go, it is just the most magical place.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Love, Tan x