What I Loved In February

I decided to photograph my February Favourites and pop them on my blog today, rather than doing my usual video – just to mix it up a bit!

Jim surprised me with the LA LA LAND soundtrack piano book and I’ve been loving playing Mia & Sebastian’s Theme and City Of Stars and singing along (terribly).

These boots *insert heart-eyed emoji*. As you guys probably know, I have worn my navy velvet ankle boots non-stop since I got them at the end of last summer and when that happens with an item of clothing or accessory, I then allow myself to get whatever it is in another colour/style, as I know for sure I will wear it/them. I found these unique and beautiful olive green velvet ankle boots in Sandro and I’m so happy with them. They look amazing with dresses or skirts and tights or with my trusty Mom jeans from Topshop.

I’ve had this candle for a while, but have been burning it a lot throughout the past month, so it definitely had to be included in my favourites. I’ve never been to the Seychelles, but I hear it’s lovely and I’m very happy to bring some kind of warm, happy island vibes into my house at this time of year! It¬†combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

I have to confess, I’ve not read anything since I finished The Nightingale in January. February was just so busy that I didn’t feel like getting into a new book and having to get to know a whole new set of characters. However, I have found the perfect thing for when I want something slightly easier to digest and don’t want to commit to reading something longer than one page and that is poetry. The Door by Margaret Atwood contains fifty poems all varying in subject, but with common themes of politics and her own personal life. The poems are very easy to read, which is perfect as I like to read before bed. I really enjoyed how some of them made me laugh and others made me think, I’d totally recommend it, even to those of you who aren’t currently reading much poetry!

This product is the result of a collaboration between skincare guru Caroline Hirons and skincare brand Pixi. I absolutely love an oily balm cleanser, my faves being the Clinique one and the Emma Hardie one, so I¬†pretty much knew I would love this one. However, I never usually do the second step (which this product includes) which is to then clean my face a second time with a creamy cleanser and I have to say, this has made a real difference. It feels like I’m giving myself a mini facial every evening and I love it!

I’ve been a lover of Origins skincare for about eight years now, so when these masks arrived in my PO Box recently, I knew they’d be coming home with me. I’ve only used the Hydrating one so far, but it was so gorgeous and my skin felt plump, clean and wonderful afterwards. I turn 28 this year and I’m really starting to notice that I need to take better care of my skin, so I’m looking forward to trying out the rest of these masks – aiming to do about one a week!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful mascara?! I don’t think so. I know packaging shouldn’t effect how much you love a product, but this really does for me. Yes, the mascara is lovely and volumising etc. etc. but the main reason this is in my favourites is because it makes me feel so special every time I use it.

I’ve been wearing really natural makeup recently and whenever I go down the natural route, I always find myself reaching for cream blush as I just find it looks better with that kind of makeup look. This one in Powder Pink from Bobbi Brown is just such a beautiful colour and the texture is just thick enough that it sits on your skin perfectly without sinking in too much, so you still get a gorgeous dewy shine effect. I find some cream blushers to just be a bit meh and kind of rub into your skin when you’re trying to apply them!

So those are all of the things I’ve been loving throughout the past month. Please let me know in the comments what have been your February favourites!

Love, Tanya x