My PO Box Picks

It feels such a long time since I have posted on here, so it feels good to be on my laptop typing out a beauty blog post.

I have a PO box that lives in my management’s office and it gets filled with all sorts of lovely things from letters to dachshund shaped cookie cutters. However, I thought I would focus on my top beauty picks from the box for this post and tell you guys why I’m loving them so much.

First up are these beautiful Dior Addict Lip Glows. I’ve been a fan of the pink one for a long time, but it’s so lovely to see a variation of colours – they enhance the natural lip colour with a subtle pop, making them look full and radiant. The Lip Glows react to the moisture level of the lips, and then release their active ingredients, instantly flushing the lips with their natural colour. I am also loving the Lip Sugar Scrub, it is an exfoliating and nourishing stick with grains of sugar that melt away once on the lips and leave them super soft, with a lovely pinky hue.

Next are these super cute, Chanel Shimmering Scented Gels. They come in a trio, and are scented with the three different Chanel Chance fragrances. You just pop them on your pulse points, and they have a really long staying power. I just think they are fun and a different way to apply fragrance. Also they are perfect for your handbag!

You guys know how much I love Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay, so when this gorgeous body creme and shower oil turned up I knew I had to include them in this blog post. If you have never tried this scent, then I really recommend you do. It’s just beautiful! It also reminds me of really happy times, so it’s nice to have something from the range in my routine.

Lastly, I love this trio from my friend Zoe. The set is called Good Things Come In Threes and each fragrance is perfect for on the go application, and you can change the fragrance depending on your mood! I think the bottles are the sweetest and they just feel gorgeous in your hand.

What new products have you guys been loving recently?

Love, Tanya x