Central London Brunch Spots

One of my favourite things to do to catch up with a friend is get brunch.  I keep a restaurant list on my phone so I can always look at it for inspiration if I’m the one choosing the location. In London we’re spoilt for choice with options of where to go so this has inspired me to start a blog post series of brunch spots in each part of London that I can share with you guys if you are looking for somewhere new to try out. To start things off, I’ve selected 3 of my favourite brunch spots in central London. It was hard to choose which 3 to feature, so I’ll add some additional favourites towards the end of the post but I chose these 3 as they all bring something different to the breakfast table.

The Delauney 

This is a really special spot for a proper, traditional breakfast. The menu is extensive, with all sorts to chose from but you really have to get a side of their blueberry pancakes. If I could have them every day, I would! So lightly and fluffy drizzled in syrup… just look at them. I absolutely love the feel of this place, heavy silver cutlery and salt shakers, proper linen napkins and table cloths, waiters in tail coats – it really just makes it such a lovely place to while a way a morning. I took my grandparents there recently and they absolutely loved it. If you’re planning a ‘treat’ day out in London, or have a special occasion, this is the place to start your day.

Riding House Cafe

Tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street is the super cool Riding House Cafe. This has been a firm favourite of mine for years now, and it never fails to deliver. The coffee is great, the food is great, the juices are great, the decor is great – I just love it. This time round we went for avo toast with feta, and a incredibly moorish bircher muesli. However, as with The Delauney, a trip to the Riding House Cafe would not be complete without a side of their buttermilk pancakes. What’s also great is that you can book too! Perfect for a break between meetings or shopping, and you can rest in the knowledge that a table is waiting for you.


I recently came here with one of my best friends Vanessa, it was her recommendation but I wanted to include it here as it was something super different to the other two. I really love the chic decor of Nopi and the interesting and flavour packed brunch options on the menu. I plumped for french toast with star anise sugar, berry compote and orange yoghurt and Vanessa went for shakshuka (baked eggs in tomato sauce), then we also got a Middle Eastern breakfast for the table. I really recommend this as a brunch spot that can take you right through the day – it’s very savoury based with big portions and just something a bit different than your usual avo on toast!


I also really love The Breakfast Club in Soho, Chiltern Firehouse or Claridges for something special, but I’d love to know your picks for central London breakfast spots!

Love, Tanya x