Behind The Scenes Of The Tanya’s Christmas Shoots


I was looking through photos on my phone this morning and came across so many behind the scenes pics of various Tanya’s Christmas shoots. I started tweeting out a few and you guys seemed to love them, so I thought I would put a load of them up on my blog! We did 12 full days shooting for the DIY projects, outfits and recipes and then a 1 day shoot in my house to get lots of photos of me being festive at home. Everything was shot in Summertime ironically, but I just think it makes the behind the scenes photos so funny, especially the ones where I am dressed for Christmas up top and wearing denim shorts on the bottom to try and keep cool. It was over 30 degrees on the day we shot at my house! Leather trousers and woolly jumpers were not my friends for a while after that day. I love the last photo of Ian, this was actually the last photo submitted for the book before it went to print. Ian and I were on holiday together in Malibu and I had to dress him in one of Jim’s jumpers to get a Wintery selfie of us together…again, it was about 30 degrees that day! Despite the fact I was shooting Christmas all Summer long and writing about it from January to May, I absolutely loved it. This book was my favourite project I’ve ever worked on and an absolute dream to put together. I loved the photographers, hair, makeup and whole team and then having my friends pop in for the last shot of the day at my house was just the best. Although, we did fill our entire house with smoke trying to get a cute shot of s’mores at the firepit in our garden! I hope you enjoy seeing these behind the scenes photos, I thought it would be quite interesting for you to see how we shoot some things, for example, to get an overhead shot of Christmas dinner, the table had to practically be on the floor, which was dangerous with Martha around! That pup LOVES turkey. Thank you so much to all of you who’ve bought Tanya’s Christmas, I have had such incredible feedback already and I really hope it makes you guys have the best Christmas ever. If you haven’t got a copy yet, you can click here to get one half price on Amazon.

Lots of love,

Tanya x