Breakfast With The Team

As lots of you will know if you’ve seen my recent YouTube video or my Instagram Stories, we have recently moved from working in the office in our attic at home to ACTUAL office space (which is the coolest and best thing ever). I had a meeting with my team the other day, which fell on moving in week, so decided to have it as the last meeting at home and do a nice breakfast for everyone.

I’ve teamed up with Special K to spread the news about their Powering You campaign all about educating women on the power of positive nutrition through their foods, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They want to enable women to re-evaluate and make a positive change to the role that food plays in powering their days, lives, bodies and minds. I am a huge breakfast fan and I love that fact that Special K is designed with women in mind. The cereal contains vitamin D which supports your immune system, B12 which helps to release energy from food and iron for feeding endurance as iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

This was such a simple, but fun breakfast to do with my team, we all enjoyed creating different combinations to go with our Special K – I vlogged this day too, which you can watch below. Visit for more info too!

Love, Tanya x

This blog post contains a paid for advertorial from Special K.