Comfy And Cosy For January

Photos by Amber Rose

I have to admit, I’ve had a serious case of the January blues and have only felt myself again in the last couple of days (hence there only being ONE photo on my instagram this year, which was when Jim felt the need to document me being grumpy). Yesterday was one of the first blue sky days we’ve had in London in a while and it made me so, so happy! I was in a studio in Brixton all day shooting press shots for an upcoming acting role (you guys will find out about it in the first week of Feb), and so I didn’t get to be outside in the sun – other than walking to the studio in the morning and grabbing a quick coffee on my lunch break – but honestly, that was all it took. I AM BACK! Isn’t it crazy how much the weather can affect your mood? Also, I have a sneaky little 4 day trip to somewhere hot and sunny next week, which I am getting very excited for.

I’ve been living in this outfit throughout January, as all I’ve wanted is to feel comfortable and cosy. I thought I’d get some shots of it, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this jumper since you guys have seen me wearing it on my Instagram story for about 4 days in a row now (don’t judge) and also to show you how I like to style it with these wide cropped jeans and an oversized coat. This is one of my all time favourite coats, but it’s old so I can’t link to it for you sadly, but I’ll link to something similar, same goes for the exact colour of my bag.

Happy Friday!

Love, Tanya x