What I Loved In January

I am so excited to tell you guys everything that I’ve been loving throughout the last month.

I never bother with primers, however, I placed a Glossier order and this just fell into my shopping basket (can one use that phrase when talking about online shopping?? I’m not sure). After using it for about a month, I wouldn’t say it’s a product I now can’t live without, but I will say I REALLY enjoy using it. I use it in place of a moisturiser and find it moisturises, plumps, evens my skin texture and reduces the appearance of my pores. I love the packaging, it just feels like a lovely, comforting and clean product to use. I know ‘clean’ is a slightly strange word to use, but it really is how it feels!

Also from Glossier I picked up their Haloscope highlighter. This is a gorgeous creamy highlighter that I swipe onto the tops of my cheekbones and then blend in with my fingers and it has seriously helped pep up my skin during a very dark and gloomy January.

Now, the Urban Decay Heat Palette…I have had this for a while and not used it a great deal, but recently I have fallen in love with the shade ‘sauced’. I use a MAC 217 brush and buff it all over my lid up to and through my crease, then I take a pencil brush and sweep it under my eyes too. That is the extent of my eyeshadow application at the moment!

I stayed in the coolest Air BnB in Malibu last Summer and all their toiletries were Aesop, which was a total dream. I’ve been waiting until I’d used up all my Cowshed hand wash to switch to Aesop and my goodness it makes washing your hands feel so luxurious! I honestly had to include it in this months favourites. This scent is definitely the best one of the range too.

I am obsessive about wearing SPF 50 on my face every single day. I’ve been using Heliocare for about a year, but only recently discovered the tinted one. It contains no makeup so is nothing like a tinted moisturiser and still counts as wearing no makeup when you wear it (trust me, I asked in the shop), but it just evens out my skin tone, gives it a healthy glow and I love it! New favourite SPF for sure.

Perfect Moment is one of those brands that makes you feel like the cool girl who is great at snow sports even though you’re totally not. I pretty much love everything they make and which I was a better skier so I could justify owning more! I bought this jumper ahead of our ski trip last December, but actually have lived in it throughout January. Obviously it’s not just for the snow, so I can wear it in London and anywhere I go that’s cold! I have been wearing it non-stop lately and styling it with dungarees and converse.

I am not a massive trend follower, I have my style pretty much down and I don’t really change my look often. However, the gold hoop trend I have really fallen in love with. I have a smaller pair for every day, then I wear these ones when I want to make more of a statement. They’re from Jenifer Fisher and I have worn them SO much recently. I find having exciting earrings makes me feel like I have to do my hair less, I just throw it back into a low bun with a centre parting, pop in my gold hoops and I’m ready to go.

Call Me By Your Name. Ugh. Where do I start. This story has had a hold on me ever since I watched the film last December. Even just hearing one of the songs from the film can make me cry. I finished the book a couple of days ago. It’s honestly a complete masterpiece. I have to say, this is one of the rare occasions where I preferred the film to the book, but I still adored the book. It’s written from Elio’s perspective, so very different to watching the film. The story is set in Italy in the 80’s where an American family are spending their Summer. I won’t go over the whole plot as you can google that and read it anywhere! I will say that it depicts falling in love in the most honest, real and magical way. It’s relatable for anyone who has felt desire and not known quite what to do about it and also very relatable for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. Warning: you will want to book a trip to Italy immediately after reading this.

My final favourite is actually my most favourite thing throughout the last month. Living in London, I walk a lot and every time I leave my house I pop in my earphones and listen to a podcast. Fun fact about me, I NEVER listen to music on my phone, I don’t even have music on my phone. I only really listen to music in a social setting. When I’m alone I much prefer to listen to audiobooks or podcasts and recently I’ve been listening to The Awards Chatter. Scott Feinberg from The Hollywood Reporter interviews a different actor each episode and I’ve found them to be the most in-depth and interesting interviews. Each one is about an hour long and afterwards I feel like I’ve really got to know the person he’s interviewing. If you’re interested in the film industry, definitely subscribe to this one. Oooo and talking of films I watched a TON in January as a friend of mine gets all the BAFTA films early on DVD. My top three are I, Tonya, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and Ladybird. All exceptional films that I completely fell in love with.

Those are all of my current favourites! Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving recently.

Love, Tanya x

Photos by Amber Rose