A Photo Diary Update From Our Play

Hi everyone! I know I’m quite quiet on here, and at the moment even more so, so it’s lovely to be back and typing at my computer. If you follow me on my other platforms then you will know this is because of the play, Confidence, that I am currently performing in. It has just taken up my whole life these past couple of months – but I am absolutely loving it and having the time of my life. I’ve updated my Instagram and Twitter as much as possible with updates but I have really missed posting on the blog, so it is very exciting to finally update those of you who look at my blog with some photos of what I’ve been up to recently. You may have seen some of the images before but some I have saved especially for this post and I thought it would be nice to put them here as a memory, or kind of like a visual diary of my past few weeks from the rehearsals up to last week with the Confidence team, in chronological order. Enjoy. Love, Tanya x

Starting it off by throwing it right back to our day trip to Worthing on one of the first day of rehearsals (pic by Helen Murray)

In the rehearsal space with Lace who plays Edwin (pic by Helen Murray)

During rehearsals

A shoot I did at the rehearsal space for The Times – here with my team!

Lunch at the rehearsal space

A break at The Ned with Anna

Frose at The Ned when we had a couple of hours free from rehearsals

Lunch at The Ned

Chilling with Anna after lunch

The first time I saw the play poster at the theatre!

This was taken at about 10pm on the night we got into the show space, testing out the fruit machine

Me and Rhys after our first dress rehearsal

The whole Confidence team together! (Pic by Helen Murray)

With the doughnuts Dum Dum’s sent us for press night

They spelled out ‘Confidence’ – we loved them!

My cast mates at the Confidence press night! (Pic by Terry Scott)

Beautiful flowers from my team

Chocolates from my friend Maddie on press night

A delicious cake I got the team for press night

On stage as Ella (pic by Helen Murray)

Another Ella pic (pic by Helen Murray)

On stage with Dean (Will) and Ben (Rhys) (pic by Helen Murray)

A chilled corner at Mercato Metropolitano

Pad Thai for lunch at Mercato Metropolitano

The best chicken burger at the market

My fave Will Pattle

Backstage as Ella

Happy times with Nanny and Granddad

My Nanny and Granddad enjoying their pizza before the show

With Nanny and Granddad in the photo booth

Happy with chicken burger

Pre-show with the guys

Me and Will before a show

With Rhys and Anna

More Mercato – if you’re coming to the play then you should pop here before for something to eat

With my Mum after she saw the show

With my Dad and Brother after the show

Me and Anna

Outside the theatre