Summer, Please Never End

Photos by Amber Rose

I am genuinely concerned that I won’t know how to get dressed when this amazing British summer ends. It’s made me so happy being able to throw on a dress and trainers (or sandals) every day for the past three months and I can’t imagine having to wear layers, or tights! *Shudders at the thought of tights* Anyway, I thought I would pop up a little outfit post on my blog and I bloody love this dress, so felt it deserved some love. Also, if you are someone who thinks you can’t usually wear this kind of thing, then this dress could change everything for you. I usually hate a slip dress on me, because I have curves, I don’t look good in sack-shapes (which slip dresses usually are). However, I got this one of my favourite brands of all time, RĂ©alisation Par, and it is the dream cut. It still has that casual, cool feel that I want from a slip dress, but it goes in at the waist enough to not make me look like a potato. I have loved wearing it so much that yesterday I ordered it in mint green with a white floral print…hurry up Mr. Postman!

Hope you’re all having a great day.

Love, Tanya x